Through my own funds I have up to now been able to finance research for patenting the mobile wave power plant as well as to draw up the patent application, build a model and publish these web pages. In the future I intend to pay the annual fees for maintaining the patent application and, later, the patent, once it is granted. The expense of taking the additional steps out­lined above in order to realise the project is far greater than the resources at my dispo­sal. In the final instance, sponsors and/or interested parties will need to be found in order to finance the development and construction of the ship. These might be individuals wanting to purchase private yacht. Possible motives include an interest in ecological issues, finding the design of the ship pleasing or the attention able to be obtained through such an unusual ship. The Eco-Trimaran might also be of interest to
institutions concerned with ecological issues that wish to demonstrate this concern publicly (we have already made an offer to Greenpeace but this has aroused no interest up to now). Even though I have applied for a patent for the wave power plant, I do not expect this to result in any great earnings. The Patent Act allows anybody to manufacture the protected object for private use or for experimental purposes, and this is precisely my hope for the Eco-Trimaran: that somebody would have it built as a private yacht or that a shipyard would build it for experimental purposes. In the near future at least, I do not expect the invention to be exploited commercially; only then would I be able to reap financial benefits from property rights on the wave power plant.
    An institute for shipbuilding engineering at a university might be found to assume some of the development effort. Seminar papers or theses could be devoted to developing mathematical models for vessel handling or energy balance or to testing models in a   
wave tank, or these might otherwise be used for demonstrations during instruction.
    Finally, part of the funding could also be achieved by participating in public tenders or entering the invention in award competitions. Some efforts of this kind have been made but have been unsuccessful up to now. Nomination by a third-party is required for some awards, so I would be dependent on experts convinced of the quality of the Eco-Trimaran to propose it for such an award. I would be happy to receive any offers to this effect.
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