Ship design illustrated  using a 72-foot-yacht as an example


The drawing above shows a vertical cross section of the main hull and the two rear floats. In this part of the vessel, the roof is drawn downward at the sides. The vertical float axles pivot on bearings in the main hull, i.e. they turn along with the floats. The floats can also pivot horizontally around the b and c axes. (Click here for details on float bearing mounting).
    The drawing at right shows a view of the vessel from above. The roof of the main hull (D) is almost completely covered with solar cells. In the rear part there is a sun deck (SD) that could also be fitted with solar cells able
to be walked on. The parts of the floats 
protruding out from under the main hull (fl) could also be used for solar cells. The dotted circles mark the vertical axes around which the three floats and the wind wheel turbine are able to pivot. The scale shown below the drawing corresponds to a version designed as a 72-foot yacht.


The floats are able to turn about their horizontal axes. This serves three purposes during rough seas:
1. Reduces the drag, 2. Generates energy, 3. Improves stability.
   The ability of the floats to turn around the
vertical axes serves two purposes: 1. Greater manoeuvrability and reduced drag when making turns, 2. Enhanced stability on rough seas.
   The broad, shallow shape of the main hull serves four purposes: 1. Reduced sensitivity to sidewinds and headwinds, 2. Less danger of capsizing, particularly when there is wind pressure on the wind turbine, 3. Large surface for solar cells, 4. Large surface for collecting rainwater.
   The drawing above shows a vertical longitudinal section of the main hull and the front float (S), with the bridge (B) at left and the sun deck (SD) at right in the main hull. WRM designates the lower part of the wind turbine mast which is able to pivot on roller or cone bearings (click here for more detail).
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