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Author, web-design and ship Model: Jörg Sommer
Copyright: Jörg Sommer, Heidelberg, Germany

Image montages created using the ship model and marine photographs by Bernd Emmerich, Lüneburg (used with his kind permission)

First published on the WWW on 18 May 2005

Version No. 9 of 28 November 2006

Last modification: 21 December 2012

Contact: joerg-sommer(et)
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I am not an engineer, but for all of my life I have had a keen, ongoing interest in technical and scientific matters. As a psychologist (Doctorate in natural science), I have done research on interdisciplinary topics related to engineering and physics, such as physiological phenomena accompanying emotions and the influence of
illumination on performance at work. While measuring and recording  physiological reactions or designing and testing lighting equipment and recording performance at work, I time and again encountered technical problems which in some cases needed to be solved in cooperation with engineers. Some of these studies have consequently been published jointly with engineers.

   The motivation for developing the Eco-Trimaran is related to my keen interest in envi­ronmental protection. It is my dream to one day travel as a passenger aboard such a ship! I ask each one of you to write to me with your criticisms, feedback and suggestions for improving this project.

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