Basic form of the vessel:  the advantages of the shallow, triangular main hull, carried above the waterline by three floats that are able to pivot around both the A, B and C and a, b and c axes, are demonstrated with reference to a 72-foot yacht. The wind turbine  is large and tall, since the floats serve as a broad base, securing the vessel against capsizing even in storms. Under "Wind" you will find out what is meant by a “leeward wind turbine” as well as the benefits for storm safety provided by backward-tilting rotor blades. The amounts of energy expected to be generated are also listed there.
Click "Steering", if you want to see how the ship can be kept on course by means of a rud­der mounted on the front float. The related pages then explain how this results in less drag in turns.
The vessel is powered by electric motors and propellers housed in pods on the keels of the floats. Under “Drive"  you will learn about the quantities of energy available for powering the vessel.
basic form
To take advantage of wave energy, newly developed, movable floats serve as a kind of mobile wave power plant. The pages "Waves"  and related pages describe how this results also in a reduced drag.
Do the movable floats compromise vessel safety in storms? This and other safety questions are discussed under "Safety".
The roof of the main hull provides ample space for solar cells. Solar cells that are able to be walked on are planned to be used on the surface of the deck. Parts of the floats protruding out from under the main hull may also be fitted with solar cells. Click "Sun" for data on the amount of power that can be expected to be generated by the solar cells. Under “Energy”, as well as on the related pages, you will find a description of how solar, wind and wave energy are stored in the form of compressed hydrogen gas and then utilised by means of fuel cells. Heat and cold are also emitted, which are used for heating and air conditioning.
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