A sea-going motor ship that runs exclusi­vely on renewable (regenerative) sources of energy available on the ocean, i.e. a “zero-emission ship”.

Development task:

1. Utilisation of all sources of energy available on the ocean (i.e. sun, wind and waves) in as many ways as possible and additionally time as a source of energy, i.e. in the form of operating phases during which more energy is produced than consumed. The latter presupposes a technique for storing energy.
2. Coordination of the various energy sources with one another by means of compromises, if necessary, or in the ideal case by achieving a synergy in which the various systems mutually support one another.

Development method:

1. Examination of existing developments: energy converters that transform the energy found in the sun, wind and waves into a utilisable form; methods of storing energy; and suitable ship designs.

2. Critical evaluation of existing technologies in the endeavour to improve on these.

3. Thought toward developing a new design.
This process can probably never be terminated; above all it demands continuous
involvement in professional discussions and consultation with other individuals and institutions. Development efforts to date and  what is planned next are described on own pages. In the end, all of this requires funding, and the possibilities for this are found on the page entitled “Financing”.

Öko-Trimaran von vorn
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